Understanding the Basics of Supply Chain and Technology 101

Taught by Kirsten Austin, President of DCSC Inc.

This course is for anyone who is “not” a software techie that wants to understand little more about the systems in place.

In this they will learn:

1.)   Acronyms widely used in the manufacturing and distribution industries.
2.)   What specific technology solutions provide “people” with.
3.)   A high level knowledge of how technology effects our everyday lives.

Reducing Indirect Costs in Manufacturing

Taught by Adam Baker

Manufacturers have become experts in reducing direct costs in their operations.  Where they often need guidance is how to reduce or eliminate indirect costs, which can often be around 20% of an operations budget.  Adam will give an overview of areas he often finds overlooked in manufacturing that can lead to large cost savings for the organization.

Everything Email

Taught by Maggie Blume of Mailshake

Date: October 19th 12:00PM EST

Learn the essentials of prospecting and cold emailing in this expert course taught by Maggie Blume, Account Executive at sales engagement software company Mailshake. Maggie will teach the teach the ins and outs of important topics and items you should avoid when sending prospecting emails.

Process Power Hour

Taught by Dave Crysler of the Crysler Club


You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you or someone on your team starts a new project or looks at their to-do list. In this FREE session, David Crysler will reveal his Process Playbook System to help you create process clarity, ease accessibility, and ensure consistency.

You’ll learn:

  • The number one problem with process and how to get past it
  • The best method for creating processes people follow
  • The number one way to train anyone to do anything
  • How to create and implement process audits
  • Specific answers to your questions

Exploiting Digital Customer Experience to Increase Sales

Taught by Nigel T. Packer 

There are a million questions you would like to know the answers to about your digital customers. Do you want to know the answers to all those questions?

“Exploiting Digital Customer Experience to Increase Sales” will help you find the answers you seek.

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do you sell and what do your customers buy?
  • Why do they buy?
  • What is their digital buying journey?
  • Are your customers emotionally engaged?
  • How do you build a path for customers to follow?
  • How do you keep them on the path?
  • How do you get them to buy?

Register here and make sure you have a paper and pen handy for your notes, ideas, and action points.

Leveraging LinkedIn with the Networking Ninja

Taught by networking ninja and LinkedIn influencer Ingor Van Rooi

Many have no idea where to begin when it comes to networking, especially online!
This 4-part learning series will guide you through the learning curve and help you navigate this space so that you too can show up and grow your community on LinkedIn.

Come and learn how to step out of your comfort zone to connect, communicate and collaborate with your ideal community!

Session One: This session will teach you WHY you NEED to embrace LinkedIn as a Manufacturer.

Session Two: This session will teach you the foundation of getting started on LinkedIn and CONNECTING with others.

Session Three: This session will teach you the basics of COMMUNICATING after you connect with others on LinkedIn.

Session Four: This session will teach you the importance of COLLABORATION and how to go about it.

Project Management

Taught by Angela Thurman of Thurman Co. LLC

Become an expert in project management with this four-part series covering key steps in kicking off a new project, identifying & mitigating risk, project execution, and ethics and leadership.

Session One – Project Kick-Off: This course examines key steps in kicking off a new project

Session Two – Identifying & Mitigating Risk What happens when the project doesn’t go as planned? This session will cover how to identify and mitigate Project Risk

Session Three– Project Execution This Session will focus on Project Execution, including resource management, communications and budget.

Session FourEthics & Leadership This Session will focus on Ethics and Leadership, including how Project Managers lead without formal authority, and the PMI Code of Ethics.

Manufacturing Iceberg Effect

Taught by Chase Bedor of Plastics Plus 

Date: Oct 13, 2022 11:00 AM CST

Customers don’t know how much work their manufacturing partners put in to make their product come to life. We can close that gap in our sales and marketing processes.

Goal Setting: Planning For Success

Taught by Kati McDermith of MNI

Date: October 25th, 10:00 AM CST

Website Strategies for Manufacturers that Win Customers

Taught by Nicole Donnelly – Founder & President of Donnelly Marketing Group

Date: October 25, 12pm ET – 1pm ET 

Tips for Writing for an Industrial Audience

Taught by Meaghan Ziemba

Dates Monday, October 31st at 1:30 PM CST

During this course, attendees will learn 5 tips on how to write for a more industrial audience, making technical information more exciting and memorable. 

Leading Effective Change

Taught by Damon Pistulka

Date: to be announced

More classes & info coming soon!

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